Vol. 1, No. 1

March 16, 1998

Franklin & Co. Establishes Internet Presence


New Web Site Features Earth-friendly, Sustainable Products, Technologies, & Services

by AstralStar Staff

     These are exciting times on the World Wide Web. Inexpensive Global Communications are fast becoming available to much of the World's Population.  Easily accessed, unlimited information is already playing a major role in transforming our planet.  Now, individuals,  small companies and organizations can make a bigger difference.

     "More and more people today are realizing that we are creating our own future every time we buy a product or a service," says Franklin Thomas, CEO of Franklin & Co.  "And they want to be part of the Solutions instead of part of the Problems." 

     "The AstralStar Web Site is designed to help persons all over the world achieve a more sustainable life-style in harmony with the Earth.  Aligning with Mother Nature is not only healthier and profitable, but more fulfilling to one's Soul."

Tomorrow a New World is Possible

     "Today the critical challenges facing our world are staggering," says Thomas, "but tomorrow a New World is possible.  Our planet will collectively be what each of us in our own way decides to make it to be.  Every little piece makes up a whole.  People are accepting their inherent responsibility of being Stewards of the Earth, no matter what their governments and major institutions are doing.  We are optimistic." Link to Mission Statement 

     The experience of creating the AstralStar Web Site has been  a very exciting and satisfying endeavor for the staff of Franklin & Co.  Be sure to Bookmark the site because it will continually be up-graded.

[New!]   Prototype Solar Panel Unveiled

SOLAR CONCENTRATING COLLECTOR - [Click for close up - 25k]



    The prototype of a new kind of solar panel was recently announced by its inventor, Franklin Thomas.  He calls the device the Winter Solar Panel, and describes it as a "Non-tracking Compound Parabolic  Concentrating Solar Collector".

   It is manufactured  mostly of inexpensive, vacuum formed, recycled plastics, and designed to focus the winter suns rays, thus increasing the panel's heat transfer efficiency so that it produces useable solar heat in outside winter temperatures as low as -20ēC. Link to Winter Solar Panel Page

    Letter from the Editors
We warmly welcome our Guests to our new web site, and we hope that you find your visit informative and fun.  This First Issue of the AstralStar Times, as well as the rest of this web site is only our humble beginnings; but we have some significant plans for the future.
   Most of the businesses, projects, and products presented here today are from Franklin & Co., and the life's work of our Founder, Franklin Thomas.  His inspiration, financial backing,  and guidance have made this beginning possible, but its future is up to us. There is so much more to be done.      We plan to develop this News Letter into a monthly source of timely and valuable  information within the context of Saving Planet Earth and Sustainable Development.  We invite the participation of our readers to work with us and develop this web site into an inspiration for the future generations of the Earth.

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News Release
   Announcing the AstralStar Web Site to the World Media.   This Page is a good summary of what we are all about.

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Students to Save the Planet
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