The purpose of this proposal is to enter The Peace Environmental Research Centre Foundation's Borealis Project into all World Millennium Partnership Programs as an Official Canadian Millennium Celebration/Demonstration Project.   In brief, the Foundation is applying for a portion of the funding necessary for construction of the Experimental Urban Module, including Government and Industry expertise and information relevant to the specifications and parameters of the Borealis Project.

        The reader of this application should not confuse our main objective: the planning and construction of the Experimental Urban Module.  Its characteristics are simple and are as follows: It is situated on 20-40 acres of land in ski country with a potential population of 1,500 to 2,000 persons.  Basically it is a research centre and a combination university mini-community.  Of course, it will facilitate a world class wholistic health spa.  The unique aspects of the EUM are:

1. It is designed with a regional plan in consideration of expanding into a city of the North.  Its plans for the future.

2. It does not pollute -. utilizes complete 100% recycling Systems.

3. It produces its own energy from the sun, methane digesters, and wind generators.

4. It is a total life support system - it produces most of its fresh vegetables and clothing fibers inside the module with hydroponic farming; and produces its own solar energy cells/collectors.

5. It is a 24 hour environmental experience. The community is expanded into a total learning experience.

6. It is designed completely with presently existing technologies.

       The EUM is planned inevitability instead of planned obsolescence. It is a seed of the city of the future. Within the EUM are the basic components that hypothetically, if duplicated and expanded upon, would result in a future village cluster and eventually a complete city.  To us in the Foundation, planning for the future makes good sense. One of the main reasons why our civilization is now in such crisis is because of poor urban planning.

       It should be understood that we are not proposing the planning of an entire city at this point .  What we are proposing is the construction of an Experimental Urban Module whose planning criteria include the probability of growth.  It is certainly not a mega-project beyond the means of Government and Industry nor Canadian society as a whole as the budget will verify.

       Remember that the launching of any project is an evolutionary process.  As can be seen, in the past twenty-eight years the Foundation has made considerable progress in the development of Borealis.  It was a difficult time when government, industry and university priorities did not include significant future urban demonstration projects.  This application shows our present level of achievement including our methods of reaching our goals and objectives.  In fact, your official recognition and support would expedite our evolution.

       We consider that the Principles that our Borealis Project demonstrates (such as Total Sustainable Energy, Total Recycling, and Zero Pollution, etc.), are the inevitable evolution of the Science of Urban Humankind.  Principles that reflect our Planet's Eventual Destiny.  It will be refreshing to enjoy the day that we can realize all of them in one small town in Canada (and other parts of the World).  Perhaps with your participation that day will come with the New Millennium?      Please,  Participate and Celebrate with us.


Franklin Thomas,


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