Stage I: Project EASEL


A.) Principle Organization:  The Peace Environmental Research Centre Foundation

B.) Subcontracts and Consulting Services

C.) Supporting Staff: Stage I Group Composition


Proposal Team

    The team which we propose for this work is a professional, interdisciplinary one. It will be divided into four working groups:

    Key to Group Composition Diagram: Group A, responsible for planning and design; Group B, responsible for administrative work and general services, including setting up a supporting committee for the project; and Groups C and D, responsible for research and theoretical formulations;

    The (above page) diagram and keys show the groups' composition and interaction. Those persons in overlapping areas provide feedback to each group of which they are a part of the workings of the others. We present also, job descriptions of important positions to show the types of individuals necessary for the project and the kind of work responsibilities they will have. (Positions such as secretary, draftsman, or accountant are not detailed since they would follow standard requirements.)

    Besides this professional body, there will be also interference and participation of the public through presentations, seminars, and discussions with project workers. A supporting committee made up of private individuals, businessmen, and the media would periodically come in contact with the project and be part of its orientations. Within this supporting committee a smaller board of advisors will be formed to follow more closely the development of the work.

    The main lines of action undertaken and the real planning will take place in the interaction of all the professional fields and the general public, so that no decision will be too limited in scope and theory.

Subcontracts and/or Consulting Services

    Consulting Services will he an important and significant part of Stage I and Stage II. Gathering the necessary information, plans and methods will be paramount to the success of this project. Often those have to be tailored to the needs of the specialist or expert concerned. Certain Key Technologies of the EUM. are held by a small number of individuals and companies. Some tend to presently be in great demand, and therefore have to be pursued. Only a flexible budget entry could handle this situation.

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