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Stage I: Project EASEL


A.) Evaluation Procedures

1.) Internal Project Evaluation will consist of the complete spectrum of presently accepted evaluation techniques including: Task report, sub-contract reports, group evaluation, statistical analysis, Balance Sheet, Income Statement, accounts, ledger, journal trial balance, plan vs. actual budgets, control accounts, responsibility centres, budget timetable, profit and investment centres, probability theory, mathematical models, data processing, and quantitative methods of systems analysis.

2.) Evaluations to World Millennium Partnership Programs from The Peace Environmental Research Foundation Evaluation can be negotiated.  Complete access to the project's books and files, and any special reports needed can be negotiated.

3.) Public Evaluation to the project can include: lectures, seminars, T.V., radio, newspaper, kinesthetic experience ratings, semantic differential tests, displays, surveys, member awareness studies, website hits, and surveys.

B.) Current Status of the Project

The Peace Environmental Research Foundation as a non-profit, Alberta-chartered environmental research, education, and design Foundation has been searching for funding on a part-time basis for the urban demonstration project entitled "Borealis - the living university of the North" for the last 28 years since Canada offered to host the '76 U.N. Habitat Human Settlements Conference at the '72 United Nations Conference on the Human Environment in Stockholm, Sweden.

To date we have completed Preliminary Phase I of a four part research and development program consisting of two preliminary phases and two research stages (see above). This work has been completed almost entirely on a voluntary basis and includes the following:

- founding of the launch vehicle, the Peace Environmental Research Foundation.

- researching and designing the launch platform

A.)  The Borealis - Total Urban Plan

B.)  60 page booklet and Slide Show

C.)  Construction of a Model of The Experimental Urban Module

- Public Participation/Feedback Studies Completed:

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