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Inside the Greenhouse
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700,000 Lbs. of Tomatoes per Acre per Year - [click for close-up - 15k]

Our Advanced NFT (Nutrient Film Technique) Optimum Feeding Formula for total media-free hydroponics, results in greater yields per growing area with lower costs; and produces excellent quality bumper harvests.
Photo of 4 acre complex - 15k

Super Healthy Tomatoe Crop at First-Pick Stage - [click for close-up - 23k] Growing conditions (growth variables) are so perfect that we achieve 100% fruit-set and unblemished produce.    With Total Climate Control combined with a sealed concrete and gravel floor,"No Soil for Bugs to Breed in This Greenhouse - Bye !" the costs of infestation from insects, algae, moss, fungus, weeds, and numerous soil-born plant disease, virus, and bacteria are mostly eliminated.  Photo of Tomato Crop - 23k
Tomato Buds, Flowers, and First Fruit - [click for close-up - 5k] With our NFT Optimum Growth Variables ALL of our flowers always pollinate and bear fruit.  When nutrients, temperature, humidity, and/or light are perfect, flowers will never drop off - always bearing fruit; and production will be maximized.
Photo of Tomato Flowers - 5k
Bare Cucumber Roots Inside a NFT Tube - [click for close-up - 10k]  Opening an NFT PolyTube to inspect its bare, healthy, cucumber roots.   Notice there is absolutely no media in the root-zone of the tube.  Should we ever have a problem with a nutrient solution mix, the roots can quickly and easily be flushed with pure water in a few minutes, and then immediately replaced with a corrected formula , therefore preventing damage to the plants.   Advantages of our NFT Hydroponics
Photo Looking Inside an NFT PolyTube - 10k

Vine-ripened Tomatoes and First-growth Leaves -[click for close-up - 24k]

Close-up of a mature crop of vine-ripened tomatoes and super-healthy, first-growth (seedling leaves) right above our NFT polytubes.  With our NFT Optimum Nutrient Formulations seedling leaves remain healthy and productive during the entire life-cycle of our plants.  Why healthy seedling leaves on a mature plant are a sign of a superior nutrient formula. 
Photo of mature tomato plants - 24k

F.T. with the Perfect Hothouse Tomato - [click for close-up - 20k]

F.T. with a record breaking bumper crop of Grade AAA Hothouse Tomatoes.  With our computerized NFT plant feeding/monitoring system, world record growth rates have been achieved.  We can even control the texture of a tomato's skin and the taste of its fruit.  Our NFT Produce tastes superior to conventional NFT peat or coir bag culture
Photo of F.T. and huge vine-ripened tomato clusters - 19.5k

F.T. with a Record-Breaking Long English Cucumber Crop - [click for close-up - 32k]

Imagine the market for 4 to 5 lb. Long English Cucumbers with thin skins and perfect,  sweet, crunchy, seedless, fruit.  At 24 to 30 inches, they are just as tender, juicy,  and tasty as when they are picked smaller.  Cucumbers have a three month growth cycle.  25% of our crop was picked at this size, while the rest were over 16" in lengths.
Photo  of F.T. measuring one of his record-breaking Long English Cucumbers - 19k

Super Healthy Mature First-growth Cucumber Leaves - [click for close-up - 26k]

Super healthy, vibrant, mature, first-growth, Long English Cucumber leaves.  Notice by leaf color and leaf margins that they are free from symptoms of nutrient toxicity or deficiency with no infestation or pesticide spray damage - the signs of a superior NFT nutrient formula and the perfect growth variables of temperature, humidity, atmosphere, and light - even in Canada's northern climate during the months of Dec, Jan, & Feb. 
Photo of English Cucumber Leaves - 26k

Edward Thomas Sr. with his Super Long English Cucumber Crop - [click for close-up - 26k]

Working conditions inside the greenhouse are excellent!  No matter what the season or weather outside, it is a comfortable 65 F to 80 F (18 C to 27 C)inside year around.  It is like being in a tropical  country.  If it is too sunny we switch on our shading.  In Canada during the dark winter nights, we use high intensity metal halide lights so our plants grow 20 hours per day - every day.
Edward Thomas Sr. with his Super Long English Cucumber Crop - 27k
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 How to Spot Healthy Hydroponics Plants

     A good Grower/Supervisor will produce healthy and bountiful hydroponics crops.  Knowing the visual characteristics of a good crop (even from a photograph) is a necessary first-step for assessing a grower's abilities.    A grower's crop photographs will indicate how much of the Science of Modern   Hydroponics they have mastered.   But, first we must understand some basic principles or laws of plant growth:
     Plants (like all living things) have a Primal "Instinct" or "Urge" or "Directive"  to Procreate themselves.  Once a plant has sprouted, it MUST produce at least one seed (or a runner) in order to Procreate; and it will channel ALL of its intelligence and energy towards this goal.
     Plants absorb dissolved nutrients into their roots.  Plants only "eat"  (diffuse through a semi-permeable root membrane) certain dissolved salts and metals; and they DO NOT "eat" dead plants or bugs (humus), like most people believe.  Bacteria and water break down dead plants and bugs into dissolved salts and metals, which is ONLY what plant roots absorb - including ALL plants that grow in soil.
[Link to Hydroponics Plant Science Research and Development].
     Simply, plants then "pump" (osmosis) absorbed nutrient solutions from their roots, through their stems, and into their leaves.   It is still mostly unknown how the chlorophyll in their leaves, using light and absorbed carbon dioxide from the air, chemically "react" with the nutrient solutions from the roots to produce "plant food" or sap.   This sap or "chemical energy" is immediately pumped to the plants Terminal Growth, feeding the production of flowers, then fruit, then new seeds.  Thus, the cycle is complete.
     IMPORTANT:  A toxic or deficient nutrient solution surrounding a plant's roots (or a lack of light or CO2) will cause its absorbed nutrients to become "unbalanced" and stunt its growth.  Thus, its leaves will not be able to produce enough sap "energy"  for a totally complete plant.
     To assure that it produces a seed, a plant will convert or "suck"  the energy out of its older leaves (Seed Leaves or First Growth) [See:  New Seed leaves] [See:  Mature, Healthy Seed leaves] and channel their energy up into its flowers and fruit (new seeds).  As a result, the plants older leaves (and often the biggest) will yellow and then die, dry up, and fall off.  The plant looses its energy generating capabilities, and suffers a loss of Potential Productivity.  Pictures of mature hydroponics plants (3 to 4 mos. old) with a length of leafless, bare stems coming out of their NFT Peat/Coir Bags is a sign of a lack of Optimum Growth Variables.
     Over the last thirty years, we have toured many new hydroponics operations that failed because of poor Nutrient Formulations (not to mention faulty growing systems).  Here in Canada, millions of dollars have been lost, and even provincial governments have crumbled, because investors could not properly assess claimed Grower Capabilities.
     Excellent NFT Nutrient Formulations are closely guarded secrets by Commercial Growers.  Beware of the claims of over-the-counter NFT formulations sold from hobby greenhouse suppliers and university and government agriculture departments.  Our Miracle Farms Optimum Pure NFT Formulae resulted from over 25 years of expensive Scientific Research and Experimental Development.  Notice in our pictures how ALL of our plants have super-healthy seed leaves in all growth stages.
[Link to Miracle Farms Optimum NFT Nutrient Formulae

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