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Photo of F.T. in Research Lab - 23k

 Notice how vigorous and healthy are our mature tomato and Long English Cucumber plants.  Healthy plants result in excellent harvests.  Good Hydroponics Produce mostly markets itself.
Photo of F.T in the Miracle House Hydroponics Research Lab with record breaking English Cucumber harvest.

F.T. with a Super Long English Cucumber - [click for close up - 16k]

When plants receive perfect NFT Optimum Growth Variables, they yield fantastic harvests like four of these 26"  Long English Cucumbers in addition to an average crop of 16"to 20" Fruits.  Our Cucumber Plants grow up to 2" per day.  With Metal Halide lights our growing day is 20+ hours.
Photo of F.T. in the Miracle House Hydroponics Research Lab
[click for close-up]

Fat and Juicy Cucumbers Ready for Market - [click]

A tray of average 20"  Long English Cucumbers ready for market.  Perfect Color, skin texture, width, meaty, sweet, and crunchy. Yummy!
[click for close-up]

Edward Thomas Sr.with a Super Green Bean Plant - [click for close-up - 28k]

Incredible Green and Yellow Bean Plants that grow 11" per day.  We sit and have a coffee and watch them grow about " per hour!   With NFT Optimum Growing Conditions we never loose a single flower.  New Research promises to  increase growth  rates by over 50%.  Our guests are always amazed when they see our giant plants, especially in the middle of winter.
Photo of Edward Thomas Sr. and NFT Beans

Large Clusters of Green Beans - [click for close-up - 20k]

Clusters of Green Beans - 8 to 16 beans per cluster.  Unlike field grown beans that harden to temperature and humidity extremes, our huge mature beans are not the least bit stringy; and they melt in your mouth just like early picked young green beans.
Photo of NFT Bean Clusters
[click for close-up]

Yello and Green Beans Ready for Market - [click]

A tray of 8"  Green and Yellow Beans right off the vine and ready for market.  They require no washing because there in no soil or dust in our greenhouses.  Notice the yardstick.
[click for close-up]

Large Grade AA Yellow Beans Ready for market - [click for close-up - 17k]

A Display Pack of 8" Yellow Beans.  Blemishes are almost non-existent.  Storage and shelf life of hydroponics produce is often four times better than field grown.  These beans are a gourmet chef's delight.  Notice the yardstick in the close-up.   Photo [click for close-up]

Large Sweet Red Peppers - [click for close-up - 23k]

Very firm Red Peppers ripe on the vine.  Their fruit is "+ thick and full of good vitamins and minerals.  The Life-Force in vine-ripened hydroponics produce is very high; and, of course, their taste is out of this world.  Grocery Produce buyers will "roll out the red carpet"  for your harvests.
Photo of Red Peppers
[click for close-up]

Sweet Bannanna Peppers - [click for close-up - 25k]

Sweet Banana Peppers are like jewels gleaming on the vine.  No sprays, no pesticides, no herbicides, no fungicides, no wax - just super-nutritious, fresh food.  Everyone loves hydroponically grown fresh vegetables.
Photo of Banana Peppers
[click for close-up]

Luscious Green Peppers Ready for Market - [click]

A tray of Green Peppers ready for market.  Sweet, firm, and thick - better than candy. Our Sweet Peppers have an average thickness of 1/2+ inch!
Photo of Green Peppers
[click for close-up]

F.T. Harvesting Vine-ripened Tomatoes - [click for close-up - 25k]

F.T. with vine-ripened Tomatoes.  For shipping to grocery stores we pick them when they are pink; but we leave some to turn red for the week end Farmer's Market
Photo of Tomatoes
[click for close-up]

Edward Thomas Sr. Marketing Vine-ripened Tomatoes - [click for close-up - 14k]

Edward Thomas Sr. with a  tray of vine ripened Tomatoes going to the Farmer's Market.  We can lower their acidity so they are firm and sweet.
Photo of Tomatoes
[click for close-up]

Hydroponic Tomatoes Going to Market - [click for close up - 11k]

Let's take a closer look at those delicious Tomatoes.
Photo of Tomatoes
[click for close-up]

Gourmet Packs Sell Fast - [click for close up - 47k]

Christmas Pack of Hydroponic Tomatoes.  One Christmas because of storms in California and freezing in Florida, we were the only ones with vine ripened Tomatoes in Canada.
Photo of Christmas Pack
[click for close-up]

AMFSTORE.jpg (10769 bytes)

Vine-ripened Tomatoes displayed in an IGA Store  located in the remote Peace Country of Alberta.
Photo of Display

AMFSTOR3.jpg (20543 bytes)

Premium Quality Hydroponics Tomatoes sell for premium prices.  Storage and shipping losses for hydroponically grown are much less than field-grown produce.
Photo of Tomatoes

AMFWLOaO.jpg (47033 bytes)

A crop of Butter Lettuce ready for harvest.  Packed with their roots in a plastic wrap, they remain alive and sweet in the store.  Hydroponics uses 100 times less water than field grown crops, and 500 times less water per pound of harvested produce.
Photo of Butter Lettuce
[click for close-up]

AMFDA0a1.jpg (58316 bytes)

 Edward Thomas Sr. inspecting his record breaking Long English Cucumbers.  The reason why he wears a white lab coat is to stop the spread of insects and microbes.  Infestation and plant disease is best stopped at the door.  We sterilize the greenhouse only with soap and steam.  Ed is 6' tall.  Notice the size of the cukes.
Photo of Edward

Edward Thomas Sr. with record-breaking Long English Cucumber Harvest - 20k

 Edward Thomas Sr. with a record-breaking Long English Cucumber Harvest with perfect color, texture, and luscious taste.  We can help you achieve similar results.  Be sure to browse our Commercial Hydroponics Consulting Services Page.  Check out our production statistics.  Find out why NFT Hydroponics Farming is fast becoming a major industry of the New Millennium.
Photo of Long English Cucumbers [click for close-up]

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