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Our Consulting Services

NFT Tomato Crop inside Miracle Farms - 16k

     We can help you plan, design, build, and operate your own commercial, state-of-the-art, hydroponics greenhouse complex; or we can help you up-grade your existing greenhouse.  See our [Consulting Services Page] - 50k

NFT Hydroponic Butter Lettuce Crop - [click for close-up - 26k]

Our Advanced Optimum PNFT Nutrient Formula

Soil-free Healthy Roots Inside an NFT Tube - [click for close-up - 10k - use your back button to return to this page]

   The Pure Nutrient Film Technique (PNFT) is growing plants in formulated, nutrient-enriched, water solutions that are totally  free from any type of growing  media such as coir, pearlite, or soil.
[LINK to why PNFT is superior to any media bag or soil culture.]

NFT Tomato Crop - [click for close-up - 23k]

Franklin Thomas in Research Lab with Super Long English Cucumbers - [click for close-up - 16k]

     One of he secrets of a good PNFT Crop is in its Nutrient Formula.  Our Formulae have been developed after over 23 yrs. of Research conducting thousands of Experimental Trials.  The TRUE TEST of a PNFT Formula is measured by the Health and Productivity of its plants.  Notice how ALL of our plants are SUPER HEALTHY.
[LINK to how you can visually assess a plant's health.]

Edward Thomas Sr. with Giant NFT Green and Yellow Pole Beans - [click for close-up view  - 26k]
Bumper NFT Tomato Crop with 7 to 12 Tomatoes per Cluster - [click for close up view - 24k]

       Hidden deep within the DNA of a seed are its coded Optimum Growth Variables (nutrient requirements, atmosphere, light, etc.) necessary for its plant growth.   Starting from seed, if these Variables are well provided, a plant will grow very fast and vigorously, showing PERFECT HEALTH, and produce fabulous 

Tasty and Nutritious Pesticide-free Red Peppers - [click for close-up view - 22k]

the Miracle Farms Development Program

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