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I. Review of Operating Results:         [Top of Page]

The Main Goal of the Company is to bOne Acre Miracle Farms Training Facility - [click for close-up]uild and operate the Miracle Farms Academy of Hydroponics. It will be an advanced Hydroponics Research and Education Facility, wherein we will maintain the forefront of global hydroponics research and development. Our visitors and clients will view our technologies, systems, and technics in real-time. Meetings, Classes and Seminars will be hosted in our conference rooms. It will be capable of totally sustainable, energy-efficient, year-around fresh food production in severely cold or hot climates.

With new energy conservation technologies it has become less expensive to heat our greenhouses in Canada than to cool greenhouses in hot climates (yearly) such as in the USA and Mexico. Every year Canada’s commercial greenhouses are exporting more and importing less to/from south of the border. With the increase in Climate Change, this trend will increase exponentially.

In conventional cold climate hydroponics greenhouses the usual case is:

1 [Click for Close up of Conventional Peat/Coir Feeding System]. The use of peat moss, coir, or other bag culture, which uses a difficult to maintain, more expensive, spaghetti-tube NFT feeding system; resulting in higher operating costs and less productivity. Our Optimum NFT tomato crops yield an average increase of 16% per sq. meter over conventional NFT tomato crops.

2. It is nearly impossible to grow a third crop in existing Canadian greenhouses because of insufficient winter sunlight and high heating costs. Therefore, they usually shut down from November to February. Their planting schedule is thus:

First Crop: plant in February -- harvesting starts in May or June

Second Crop: plant in May or June -- harvest starts in September or October

In the Miracle Farms Commercial Hydroponics Greenhouse Complex we add:

Third Crop: plant in September to October -- start harvesting in November to February. This crop receives a premium price on the market because competing foreign produce is shipped North long distances from tropical countries. Three crops of tomatoes and four crops of English Cucumbers can be grown per year plus many other crops such as mini cucumbers, green, red, and yellow sweet peppers, lettuces, beans and melons. Our winter harvests are in great demand and receive higher market prices.

We stagger our transplantings so the complex continually harvests year-around. Our inside temperature, light and humidity are computer-controlled perfectly for maximum plant growth no matter what the weather conditions are outside.

Most fruit-bearing plants such as tomatoes, sPesticide-free Tomato Crop at First-Pick [Click for close-up]weet peppers, cucumbers and strawberries, need sunny, warm, and dry days for their fruit to pollinate. If three or more cloudy days occur in a row, a percent of fruit will not set, and harvests decrease. Inside Miracle Farms, with its H.I.D. (High Intensity Discharge) lights and total drip control, it is a sunny, warm, and dry environment 365 days per year. As a result, we achieve perfect 100% fruit set or maximum pollination! It is truly unique to be in Miracle Farms during a Christmas blizzard and watch flowering, growing tomato plants being bathed under H.I.D. lights and look outside to see frozen -40C+ snow drifts.

Since we have a drip-controlled greenhouse, the costs of infestation from insects, algae, moss, fungus, weeds, and numerous soil-born plant disease virus, and bacteria are mostly eliminated. Pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, or other environmentally damaging chemicals are never used. This quality advantage returns premium market prices from health-conscious consumers.

2. Licensed Automated NFT Hydroponics Growing Systems:        [Top of Page]

Franklin & Co. offers several NFT (Nutrient Film Technique) hydroponics growing systems:

1. Our Optimum NFT Nutrient Formulae

2. A hydroponics seedling chamber where new seedlings are nursed from sprouts to transplantable seedlings under perfect Optimum NFT growing conditions. This chamber is essential for healthy, fast growing and productive seedlings leading to maximum harvests.

3. A production-line lettuce operation which minimizes operating costs.

4. Computerized plant control, monitoring, and testing instrumentation.

5. Injection hydroponics plumbing and nutrient delivery systems.

Licenses for his Miracle Farms Optimum NFT Formulae are for sale.

Hydroponics Plant Science R & D:           [Top of Page]

[Click for Close-up] - Rose Wessell & Prototype Automatic GH Controller cc early 1980'sFranklin & Co. has been awarded Hydroponics Scientific Research and Experimental Development Grants from the Canadian Federal Government from 1984 to 1990. This work has advanced upon the Hydroponics R & D pioneered in the 1960's to the 80’s by the late NASA electrical engineer, Mr. Bob Wessell and his wife Rose. Much of these works are Highly Confidential because of their great economic potentials, and Franklin & Co.'s commitment to maintain its competitive edge:


World record growth rates have been achieved :

Tomato Plants : 2.5 inches per day

English Cucumber Plants : 3.5 inches per day

Yellow & Green Bean Plants : 11 inches per day (1/2 inch per hour)

Plant growth variable R&D is being conducted by Franklin in association with other researchers. "Deciphering" certain plant growth variables using computer monitoring and advanced instrumentation electronics (plant electro physiology or “talking plants”) has only recently gained attention, and promises to greatly increase plant growth, maturity rates and harvests by up to 20%.

We have developed and tested a non-toxic organic herbal cure for the Tobacco Mosaic Virus Disease (TMV). It is the most dreaded and most common commercial greenhouse tomato disease. It can break out on a plant and then spread across thousands of plants in a couple of weeks. Highly contagious - once it strikes a tomato leaf it turns it into a “potato chip” in 3 to 4 days. Our Miracle Farms TMV Foliar Spray instantly stops it in its tracks and stops the slashing and burning partially diseased plants. It has saved several operations from going out of business.

After over 4 decades of successful R&D, Franklin is confident of more break-throughs in the near future which will make our hydroponics even more profitable: 1.) Nano-dissolving certain rare gasses into the Optimum Feeding Formulae promises another 10% to 15% increase in harvests. 2.) New breakthroughs resulting in the very inexpensive production of hydrogen-from-water-on-demand promise a zero pollution unlimited source of energy in the near future. Our experiments have been leading towards a totally hydrogen-from-water powered commercial greenhouse. The economic benefits of this achievement will be astronomical.

The R & D Policy of the Company is to remain a world leader in the science of modern hydroponics.

Market Potential:                [Top of Page]

Canada imports 96%+ of its fresh produce from the United States and Mexico. In the last decade, droughts, flooding, water shortages, and high fuel costs, have led to shortages and big price increases. There is an enormous, almost un-tapped market in Canada for Miracle Farm's hot-house premium quality fresh produce:

1. Tomatoes   2. Long English Cucumbers   3. Butter & Leaf Lettuce   4. Green, Yellow & Red Peppers   5. Strawberries   6. Green & Yellow Beans   7. Spinach & Leafy Greens   8. Melons   9. Chinese Greens   10.The many varieties thereof

Approximately 96% of Canada's fresh [Click for Close-up]produce is imported. Toronto alone buys more than 180 million heads of lettuce every year and 90% of them are imported. Canadians consume an average of 25 lbs. of tomatoes per person per year -- a staggering 1/2 billion lbs.!

Now, with the advanced technology of Miracle Farms Commercial Hydroponics we can[Click for Close-up] - Sweet Green Peppers Glistening on the Vine Ready to Go to Market compete more effectively against high-priced foreign imports by:

1. Lowering our production costs and increasing greenhouse productivity.

2. Profitable, 365 day per year production.

3. Reducing transportation and spoilage costs by choosing greenhouse sites near local markets.

4. Developing a sustainable supply of fresh vegetables in Canada.

5. Reducing the increased cost of fresh vegetables in Canada due to radical global climate changes. Some renowned Climate Change Scientists are predicting that in the next 20 years very few crops will grow in Canada without being inside a protective greenhouse.

Our Market Potential Studies indicate the demand in the Province of Alberta alone for more than 100 acres of Miracle Farms Hydroponics. See Fresh Produce Marketing Studies for Edmonton & Calgary in the Miracle Farms Business Planning Guidebook. (Below)

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