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Automated Solar Hydroponic Seedling Chamber - [click for close-up - 13k]

  The Hydroponic Seedling Chamber provides Optimum Growth Variables to our plants from germination to transplant.  Healthy seedlings result in healthy adult plants.  Photo of a Seedling Chamber - 13k

Tomato Seedlings Inside the Seedling Chamber - [click for close-up - 23k]

  Tomato seedlings inside the automated Seedling Chamber enjoying a constant perfect growing environment.  The seedlings in this picture will produce over 1,250 lbs. of Grade AA Tomatoes within 4 months.
Photo of Tomato Seedlings - 23k [click]

Tomato Seedlings inside the Seedling Chamber - [click for close-up - 15k]

  Tomato seedlings sprouted in peat moss pellets.  Our research proved that plants love peat-moss pellets, and dislike rock wool pellets.  Soon, the plant's roots totally enclose and extend outside the pellet.  Constant Perfect Optimum Growth Variables are very important at this stage, and our computer-controller keeps a very close watch.
Photo Inside Seedling Chamber - 15k

Tomato Seedlings Transplanted into NFT Tubes - [click for close-up  - 15k]

  Strong, sturdy tomato seedlings transplanted into NFT tubes.  The first-born leaves are called "Seed Leaves".  If a plant's Optimum Growth Variables are supplied consistently, its seed leaves will remain healthy and productive during its entire life-cycle.
 Photo of Transplanted Tomato Seedlings - 15k

Recently Transplanted Cucumber Seedlings - [click for close-up  - 11k]

  Four acres of recently transplanted NFT Long English Cucumber Seedlings.  This greenhouse was built over barren desert land that was previously unsuitable for farming of any type.
Photo of Transplanted Long English Cucumber Seedlings - 11k

Looking Inside an NFT Tube - [click for close-up  - 10k]

  Opening a NFT polytube - we can see the healthy, bare roots of cucumber plants.  Should we ever have a problem mixing a NFT Formulae, the root zone can be flushed with pure water very quickly and easily.  Humidity is at a minimum in the greenhouse.
Photo Looking Inside a NFT PolyTube - 10k

Tissue Culture Lab - [click for close-up - 16k]

  Propagating Super Seedlings from small stem and leaf cuttings using Tissue Culture Techniques.  In this picture F.T. is creating 4-leaf clover plants (below).
Photo of F.T. in Tissue Culture Lab - 16k

Four Leaf Clover Plant - [click for close-up - 15k]

  A 40% four and five leaf clover Mother Plant resulting from Tissue Culture.  Picked, dried, and sealed in plastic and sold as Good Luck Charms in Greeting Cards.  Count the number of four and five leaf clovers in this picture:
Photo of Four Leaf Clover Plant - 15k

Tomato Flowers Setting Fruit - [click for close-up - 5k]

  A flowering tomato plant producing its first fruit.  The Primal Purpose of a plant's fruit is for the plant to procreate itself from its seed.
[LINK to why NFT is superior to any bag or soil culture.] Photo of Tomato Flower Setting Fruit - 5k

Now that you have seen our Seedlings, be sure to tour the Greenhouse

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