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Miracle Meadows Close-up Drawing

Miracle Meadows - Spring-grown Fodder all Year


Energy efficient dual exhaust fans on end wall replace all the air in less than one minute to lower humidity, and provide fresh levels of vital carbon dioxide.




After 8 days, 1kg of seed has become 6-10kgs of green feed with double the protein level.   

The hydroponics grass that has been fed-out each day is replaced by 1kg of new seed sown in empty trays. 


      Miracle Meadows is an NFT hydroponics grass production system which consistently and economically produces nutritious green stock feed 365 days a year; rain, hail, snow, or shine.  Miracle Meadows, provided on a turn-key basis, is an economical alternative to buying in feed and will see the Rancher through drought, deluge, and winter shortages.  Operation is as simple as removing the grass daily and replacing it with new seed ready for sprouting. The nutrient tank is replenished once a month.  Miracle Meadows' internal climate is microprocessor controlled and needs no adjustment for optimum results.



Miracle Meadows

Fresh Spring-grown Hydroponics Grass All Year

The Climate Controller commands watering, nutrients, air temperature and movement, humidity and carbon dioxide levels, and requires no user adjustment.


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Miracle Meadows

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Miracle Farms Hydroponics

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