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     As described in our web site, Franklin & Co. is in the Business of Commercial Hydroponics Consulting Services.  When you Contract Our Services, we will work with you on your Hydroponics Dream at whatever level you deem necessary.  This can range from completing all or sections of your Business Plan, Analysis of existing Business Plans (including Designs), leading to a complete turn-key NFT Hydroponics Complex suited to your Specifications.

     We have been Pioneer Consultants and Developers of State-of-the-Art NFT Hydroponics Systems for the last 39 years, and have always maintained the forefront of modern NFT Hydroponics Systems Research and Development.  We have assisted many firms achieve success in their hydroponics ventures.

     The Prices for our Commercial Hydroponics Consulting Services at Present are starting at $75. CAD per hr (In Advance) on a sliding scale with the quantity of hours ordered.  For Out of Town Work we charge: $850. CAD per day plus Expenses.  Later, Consulting Services for larger Project Development Stages can be quoted.












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