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        The Riplets' Chestnet the Squirrel says, "Kick the Habit if Using Poisonous Pesticides on Your Lawns and Gardens, Folks" - [Click for Close-up - 44k] HUGPST01.jpg (34248 bytes)
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1ASP114V.GIF (3601 bytes)Every year in the pursuit of beautiful lawns and gardens, Canadians release millions of kilograms of toxic herbicides and pesticides into their environment.  Most of these hazardous chemicals are synthetic and do not adapt into natural ecological cycles as they drift and migrate often over long distances.  They become a major cause of river and ground water pollution all over the world.
     Herbicides and pesticides also pose a risk to birds, bees, butterflies, and other living things -
especially our children.   Since they are invisible after they are released, without proper warning signs, they are extremely difficult to avoid - even though most of them foul the air with an disturbing odour.  During the Hug A Dandelion Campaign over the years in the Edmonton and Grande Prairie areas, we found from public feed-back that many people were very poorly handling toxic pesticides and herbicides.
     Symptoms of mild toxicity are much the same as the common cold, the flu, and other allergies.  Scientific Research has proven that very minute amounts of herbicides and pewsticides are making people sick and diseased.  We suggest that you Google the keywords, 'health effects of herbicides and pesticides',and educate yourself  for your own well-being.
     By changing our attitudes towards the control of certain weeds and pests, and switching to Organic Gardening Practices, we can still have beautiful lawns and gardens, enjoy harvesting bumper crops, and be more ENVIRONMENTALLY - FRIENDLY at the same time. 
     Better yet, return your yard back to
Nature - like a little National Park right out your door.  Wildlife will enjoy it too; and Mother Earth needs the extra oxygen. 
    The Peace Environmental Research Centre was awarded grants from Environment Canada to advance a promotional program that will encourage gardeners in Alberta to practice more environmentally friendly lawn and garden methods.
     The Hug A Dandelion Campaign included newspaper advertising, hundreds of posters placed, and displays in conjunction with Earth Day and Environment Week at Hawrelak and Muskoseepi Parks in Edmonton and Grande Prairie.    Free, colourful lawn signs with the Riplet's Chestnut the Squirrel were given to the first 250 organic gardeners who visited our displays during Canadian Environment Week Celebrations. 
Order Your Chestnut's Lawn Sign Today ! 

Chestnut's Plastic Lawn Signs are available from the Foundation for the Price of:  $ 10.00 CDN. each.  To place Your Order, E-mail: and Request an Order Form.  Your Information is Secure, and Will Never be Traded.   Let your neighborhood know your lawn is SAFE.  Stand Up and Speak Out.  All monies will be used to support the Hug-A-Dandelion Campaign.  [To Top of Page] ........

You Can Make a Difference !

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Webmaster's Note: Widespread use of herbicides and pesticides pose a very serious threat to Earth's Biodiversity.  Soon this page will be up-graded with Links to Scientific Studies that identify the problem in detail; so Bookmark this page and visit us again soon. .. 


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