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Students to Save the Planet Fundraising Campaign      FUNDRAISING CAMPAIGN   Jobs for Saving the Planet    Lawn Signs 


The "Foundation " hereto lists its Purposes for creating and implementing the "Campaign" as a described in its Bylaws as a not-for-profit Alberta Society as:


II. To Produce Operating Capital for the "Foundations" On-going Projects.

III. To Promote Environmental Research and Education in Alberta.

The "Students to Save the Planet" Fundraising Campaign (hereinafter referred to as "the Campaign"), shall consist of the following fundraising techniques:

  •     Door-to-door canvassing by Student Peace Environmental Research Foundation Members as a part-time, summer employment activity (job). Instead of just asking for donations, or selling only memberships, they are offering a product of value (bags of milk chocolates and peanuts) for sale as well as distributing printed environmental information with each house-call.  Canvassers received commissions of 50% of the Products Sales Price, and many (8 to 12 yrs} earned $8. to $10. per hour.

  •     Prior to employment, each canvasser attends a Campaign Training Seminar after which they consider themselves as "Environmental Representatives" and will be encouraged to help households become more environmentally appropriate by: a.) composting their organic wastes even by helping them set up composters, b.) switching to nature-friendly organic lawn and garden practices, c.) other environmental information and consulting services.

  •     Public Mailing and Phone Calling.

  •     Anti-Herbicide Media Advertising and Organic Lawn Care Promotions - paid for from Canvassing Margins. 


The Organizational Structure of the "Campaign" follows the Principles of Free Enterprise with-in those Rights and Privileges as described in the Societies Act of Alberta.  It was endorsed under license by the Edmonton Better Business Bureau, the Edmonton Police Department, Edmonton City Hall, and Alberta Social Services.

Chairman - Regional Organizer - Environmental Representative

PRICING, MARGINS, AND COSTS  - available by request

Webmaster's Note:  During the summers of '93 to '95 the Campaign made a difference to a lot of kids in the Edmonton area - especially those from working poor families who had to help their parents earn a hike in already excessive grade school entrance fees.  Summer jobs around here for kids are few.
      Of course, Chestnut the Squirrel brought a smile to the rather morbid subject of pesticide poisoning.  He is great for newspaper ads.
     Due to a slump in general fundraising revenues, and a lack of ample sponsorship; the Foundation  had to moth-ball the Campaign until funding improves .  Pesticide abuse is now in the front lines of environmental action, and a hot-potato for most corporate sponsors.  Incredibly a formidable challenge.  But, then again,  so was the subject of recycling 41 years ago.......  

[Link to History of the Campaign]

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