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NEWS RELEASE  December 14, 2020 [page 3]

Merry Solar Christmas  !

SOLARXMAS00c.jpg (23318 bytes)

Back in 1983 the College Christmas Star as it was known in the Peace Country of Alberta was quite spectacular at night.  Families drove for miles to view it;  and it made Canada's National Television News [Click for Close-Up - 23k]   

SOLARXMAS07a.jpg (32453 bytes)

Many famous people toured the solar display in the coming years.  Here is Robert Wessell, a pioneer hydroponics scientist from the NASA Space programs of Apollo and Gemini Missions and Franklin Thomas - Photo in 1982.  [Click for Close-Up - 32k]

solarxmas06.jpg (34071 bytes)

Operating at -45 Degrees Celsius temperatures, the display was designed to test concentrated solar energy/systems in Arctic climates.  Inside specially designed vacuum tubes temperatures of 140 Degrees Celsius were reached in the shortest and coldest of winter days. The Collector was designed as a test segment of the Miracle House I - Experimental Solar House' Solar Array.   [Click for Close-Up - 36k]

Link to Miracle House I - Experimental Solar House

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Later the basic physics of the Project led to this Rooftop Non-tracking Compound Parabolic Solar Panel named the "Winter Solar Panel".  Here is was displayed at the Grande Prairie Fair Grounds in the Annual Chili Cookout heating a large pot of chili.  The display was sponsored by one of the local newspapers.  [Click for Close-Up - 41k]

Link to the Winter Solar Panel

Link to Close-Up Copy of a December 1993 News Article in the Grande Prairie Daily Herald-Tribune - 265K.

Link to Close-Up Copy of a December 1983 News Article in the Grande Prairie Daily Herald-Tribune - 265K.  

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