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Photo of the Winter Solar Panel - [click - 25k]

Winter Solar Panel 

     The prototype of a new kind of solar panel was recently unveiled by its inventor, Franklin Thomas.  The device is named, the Winter Solar Panel, and is a Non-tracking Compound Parabolic  Concentrating Solar Collector.
      Designed for high latitude cold climates, it focuses the suns rays, thus increasing the panel's heat transfer efficiency.   Field trials have proven that it produces useable solar heat in outside winter temperatures as low as -20C without tracking the sun.
     It is designed to be manufactured  mostly of inexpensive, vacuum formed, recycled plastics making solar heat ever more affordable.  Its Patent has been applied for, and a Manufacturer is required.

Most conventional flat-plate solar panels produce useable solar heat when outside temperatures are above -7 C.
Useable solar heat   is a solar heated transfer fluid above room temperature (+25C), making a costly heat pump unnecessary.
The Parabolic Solar Panel produces useable solar heat down to outside  temperatures of -20 C during Canadian winter months!
The Panel's compound light concentrating mirrors focus Solar Radiation at all positions of the winter sun, making costly tracking devices unnecessary. .........

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