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The Golden Key to the Inspiration for the Universal City Project  

[Click Pictures for Close-up Views]
Universal City Model - [Click for Close-up - 26k]

The urban-ecological grid of Universal City is the shape of a galaxy with five spiraling galactic arms.  It provides for five large, unspoiled, natural, green areas to reach into the center of the city.  Altitude: 15,000 ft.

Downtown Dome Megastructure - [Click for Close-up - 25k] Universal City's domed downtown mega structure is the three-dimensional heart of the city.  The mile diameter retractable dome provides a climate controlled garden core area:  the integration of  space-age technologies.  Altitude: 3,000 ft.  [Link to History of the U.C. Educational Program]
Borealis in the Outer Area of the Left Spiral Arm - [Click for Close-up - 29k]

Our first stop is Borealis, population: 50,000,  the circular shaped cluster community in a spiral galactic arm.  Borealis  starts in the year 2025 as a World Celebration to the New Millennium, and the founding village of Universal City.  Altitude: 3,000 ft.

Cluster Communities - [Click for Close-up - 41k]

Energy Self-sufficient, Cluster Communities with the Architectural Themes of all Cultures of the Earth are visible as we approach Borealis.    We no longer think in terms of square blocks and straight lines.  Urban density increases towards the center of the city.  Altitude: 1,500 ft.

Top View of Borealis Village - Stage I - Experimental Urban Module - [Click for Close-up - 18k]

Borealis Village -  Stage I - Experimental Urban Module [University Research Centre]: population 5,000 people.  Area: 40 acres.  Built almost entirely of recycled materials from Old Age Cities we set the Template for Future Growth.  The curved lines are continuous pedestrian malls.  Altitude: 800 ft.

Borealis Village looking North - [Click for Close-up - 33k]

Landing at Borealis Village.  The domed building in the upper right is a Winter Gardens  Sports and Leisure Facility.  The village has a complete cross-section of city amenities.  Altitude: 500 ft.
[Link to an Article about Borealis Village]

Roof-top View of Borealis Village - [Click for Close-up - 25k]

Roof-top view in Borealis Village nestled in the Boreal Forest of Western Alberta.  Pedestrian Malls are covered with automatic retractable roofs.   The yellow and red tower is a solar power crystal.
[Link to an Article about Borealis Village]

Winter Gardens and Recreation Center - [Click for Close-up - 31k]

Ground view of Borealis Village showing the domed Winter Gardens and Recreation Center. During the winter,  residents using integrated heated walkways can travel anywhere in the city without wearing coats .
[Link to an Article about Borealis Village

Prefabricated Living Modules - [Click for Close-up - 33k]

Prefabricated Living Modules manufactured mostly of recycled plastics and foamed ceramic concrete.  Robots will do most of the construction work.   Using solar energy architecture, all residential units will enjoy south-facing balconies.  

Monorail Personal Rapid Transit - [Click for Close-up - 17k]

The City will have one transportation system: Elevated Personal Rapid Transit (PRT).   The ground will be exclusively devoted to people, the air will contain the PRT: 1 to 6 passenger accident-free monorail vehicles that silently whisk at speeds of up to 80 mph over electromagnetic force fields.

The City as an Urban Ecology - [Click for Close-up - 48k]

The City as an Urban Ecology will not force the natural biodiversity beyond its ability to absorb new development.  Our watershed will not become polluted.  Our air will remain pure.  Everything will remain in a Total Recycling System.

Link to Borealis Proposal for a Totally Sustainable Experimental City Project

Link to the History  of the  Universal City  Educational Program

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Zero-Pollution Hydrogen Engines

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